Frequently Asked Questions

Graphite is a naturally occurring stable allotrope of carbon that occurs as large masses or vein formations on crystalline rocks such as gneiss, marble, and schist under high temperatures and pressure.
Graphite is used in a wide range of industries for a variety of purposes. Lubricants, electric vehicle batteries, nuclear reactor cores, arc lamps, and foundry facings are a few notable examples.
Vein graphite is a crucial component in electric vehicle batteries, mobile and electronic applications, and energy storage devices. It is a source of vein graphene, a game-changing material used in biomedicine and optoelectronics.
An allotrope of carbon, graphene is the two-dimensional hexagonal lattice structure of carbon atoms that serve as the basis for the allotrope graphite. These atom-thick sheets of graphene are joined by van der Waals interactions to generate the composite structure of graphite.
VEIN graphene, which is extracted from Sri Lankan vein graphite, has demonstrated notable qualities including high electrical and thermal conductivity, high-level flexibility, and exceptional tensile strength. Despite its thin thickness, vein graphene is 100 times stronger and more resilient than steel. Additionally, graphene is insoluble and an effective white light absorber.
How DO I Contact you?

Ceylon Graphite Private Limited, Sri Lanka
Address : No: 12 2nd Lane , Beddagana Road, Pitakotte , Colombo, Sri Lanka
Phone: +94 76 300 6555

Zhejiang Boswin Technology Co,.Ltd
Addres : Zhonghao International Business Center,
No. 672, Xintang Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
WhatsApp: +8618626859893 +860115921259


How can get a price quotation?
Send a detailed description of your requirements to us and a representative will reach out to you via WhatsApp within the day. 
Where is your labotarary LOCAted?
Our laboratory, Zhejiang Optoelectronics Research Institute, is located at No. 285, Beishan Road, Wucheng District, Jinhua City, China (Zip Code: 321004)
浙江光电子研究院,地址:金华市婺城区北山路285号 (邮编:321004)
What ARE your strengths?
At Ceylon VEIN graphite, we are oriented around making an impact on the world with resources unique to our motherland Sri Lanka. We inspire global individuals who push the boundaries of innovation whilst maintaining environmental and social responsibilities. Across every organizational level, our workforce never stops pushing and works in the best interests of moving VEIN graphite to international heights.
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