Mining Partners

Investors are granted the opportunity to invest in the mines of Ceylon Graphite (PVT) Ltd. under the segments of land investment, license investment, exploration investment and commercial mining investment.

Research Partners

Alongside our parent research partner, Zhejiang Optoelectronics Research Institute, partnerships in research and development are entertained. 

Mining Partners

The mine bears two stages of investment namely mine investment and exploration investment + mining investment which can invested by either USD or RMB . The total investment requirement focuses on the mine ownership, mining license, exploration license and exploration equipment.

Mine Ownership Investment and Business Model 

Sri Lanka is host to large mining areas and wealth of resources beneath the Earth's surface. The Meepitiya Vein Graphite Mine is located in Meepitiya of the North Western Province of Sri Lanka. The mine is under the ownership of VEIN Ceylon Graphite Private Limited of Sri Lanka by its single shareholder Mr. Kande Vidanalage Prasad Indika, a citizen of Sri Lanka as mandated by law and is leased to and controlled by Hainan Boswin (PVT). Ltd for 99 years.

The owner, Mr. Prasad Indika will lease the mining land and mining license to a newly formed company, namely “Boswin Graphite” for 99 years. The Boswin Graphite company has two directors at its command, one from Hainan Boswin (PVT). Ltd representing Boswin Group (PVT) Ltd, which will hold 30% of the newly formed company , and the other from the foreign company can invest up to 70% of the mentioned company.

The stages of investing and the roles assigned in the organization are negotiable.
Ceylon Graphite guarantees that the global market is met with vein graphite of the highest caliber, offering opportunities and civil partnerships for investors in investing in the mining land, mining license, exploration and commercial mining. Investments in Ceylon Graphite  from ¥10,000,000.

If you are interested in investing in and partnering with Ceylon Graphite (PVT) Ltd., reach out to us via the contact details listed on the site.



Investment for Land

Ceylon Graphite offers two in-situ mines in Meepitiya, Dodangaslanda, Sri Lanka. Housing both 3-acre and 38-acre mines, namely MP1 and MP2 respectively. The 3-acre MP1 mine offers a maximum of two mining shafts within its vicinity and MP2 cites five potential mining sites on its grounds as of present, therefore investors are offered the opportunities to invest in the known mine sites, mining shafts or in the overall land.

Investment for License

If interest lies in investing in the mine's license, opportunities lie for individuals to invest on the leasing out procedures or in the purchasing of the mining license itself.

Investment for Exploration

Ceylon Graphite welcomes you to invest in the exploration procedures of vein graphite, giving you the first-hand experience in discovering and exploring the mines of Dodangaslanda.

Investment for Commercial Mining

Investment opportunities lie for the individual interested in the commercial mining procedures and in the overall processing of the world's finest graphite for commercial exports.
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